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Some other things on my server

A Peter Gabriel clip from the Hollywood Bowl on Oct. 6, 2012.

Or check out a couple of videos from Sept. 12, 2012 of Devo and Blondie at the Greek Theater.

Take a look at a slideshow with some great old pictures of Hollywood from the 1900's through the 40's.

And here are a few videos of Katelan and the family

About me

I am Larry Wade III. This is my website.

I work on computers and the networks they talk over.

Here are a few links I have collected.

I also play a little music.

You can look at my resume here.

Or send me an email if you want me to look at a computer or your network.

My good friend Rudy has asked me to "officiate" his wedding on November 15, 2014. So I became ordained over the internet.

Not everything is working right now. I lost a hard drive so some of my links on my server may be broken.